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Joseph Goldstein Interview

Paper Frog links to a video interview with Joseph Goldstein, who has been teaching at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts for many years. Robert Wright, the interviewer, who obviously has an interest in meditation, isn't afraid to ask the probing, naive, or self-interested questions. It's a good watch, particularly if you're new to meditation, or have questions and concerns about it. While Goldstein's approach has a Buddhist flavor to it, the interview contains a lot of insights.

Here's one exchange I like, as taken from a transcript of the interview, in which Goldstein elaborates on the difference between detachment and non-attachment:

Joseph Goldstein: ...This could be clarified by the distinction of two words which often get confused. You know often people understand in Buddhism that there's a great value on detachment and that sounds a little grey. You know just to be detached from everything.

Robert Wright: Right.

JG: That's not what the teaching is about. The teaching is about non-attachment. Detachment implies a sense of withdrawal.

RW: Withdrawal from?

JG: From whatever.

RW: Including joy, including...

JG: Anything!

RW: Right.

JG: It's like a pulling away from. Non-attachment doesn't imply withdrawal it simply implies not holding on. So that's a very different experience, it's a very different mind-set. That's really what we're practicing.

Technical note, watching the interview on a Mac, I was only successful using the Real Player option.

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Krishnamurti Summer Study Program

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America is accepting applications for a month-long summer program for college and post-graduate students. The course will take place from July 1-28, 2006 in Ojai, California. Here are some further details:

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America is pleased to announce our second Krishnamurti Summer Study Program for college and post-graduate college students. This is an exciting four week in-depth program that will introduce the life-changing teachings of J. Krishnamurti.

The goal of this program is to help students to discover for themselves a new perceptual understanding of life based on fresh insights and self-knowledge gained directly through dialogue.

We have structured the Krishnamurti Summer Study Program as a traditional college course to enable students to apply for college credit from their own particular colleges, if they wish. The program begins July 1 and runs through July 28, 2006.

Each day students enter into penetrating dialogues; we watch videos of Krishnamurti in dialogue with many serious explorers of the mind, and we read from selected writings. In addition the group takes hikes into the beautiful valleys and mountain trails that surround Ojai and visits the lovely beaches of Santa Barbara.

The cost of the entire program is $1300 which includes all meals, a room in Besant House on Oak Grove School's campus, all books and other materials, and all transportation within Ojai.

If you know any students that might be interested in this unique program, please tell them about it. For more detailed information, and for application guidelines, please go to the KFA web site:

I like what Mark Lee, the executive director of the KFA, has to say about the program:

Show me where you can penetrate into the mystery that is yourself, without the benefit of a gimmick, a device, a method, or some step-by-step program that claims to make it easier? Many courses are available to help improve you, promising empowerment, transcendental energy, rejuvenation, and all manner of remediation for the body and mind. However the truth is we really don’t know how to “see” ourselves, or how to get to know who we are directly. This points to one of the qualities of what Krishnamurti talked about, direct perception of who we are, without the interference of experts, or authorities.

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