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Thanks to Beliefnet for including the Meditation Blog in Blog Heaven — a new section of Beliefnet's web site. Blog Heaven compiles the latest posts from "the best blogs about religion and spirituality."

Charles W. Bell, a columnist at the New York Daily News, writes more:

Beliefnet, one of the powerhouses in online spirituality, notes that the Web can overwhelm surfers, especially when it comes to spiritual blogs. There are so many it's impossible to keep up.

To help seekers, Beliefnet rounded up some of its favorite blogs (short for Web logs), and its picks reflect the staggering options out there.

Beliefnet suggested a visit to The Revealer, which is run out of New York University's Center for Religion and Media. It is a gold mine of information on what is new, with commentaries and links to other blogs.

But among its many other recommendations are sites for progressive Christians (The Village Gate), nonbelievers (The Raving Atheist), conservative evangelicals (Evangelical Outpost) and things kosher (Kosher Blog).

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