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Martin LeFevre on Meditation

I hadn't heard of Martin LeFevre until last night, when I came across several of his articles at the New Zealand web site Scoop. A biographical note describes him as "a contemplative, and non-academic religious and political philosopher." In his writing, LeFevre comprehends and conveys the essence of meditation. Here's an excerpt from his article "A New Theory of Human Nature, Pt. 2":

Humans are creatures of words and images, and mediate experience through symbols. In the meditative state however, words fall silent and symbols fall away. In complete awareness, the brain is simply still and awake, and thought assumes its rightful place.

That is to say, when the brain becomes deeply aware of and attentive to the movement of thought, undivided observation acts on thought, halting it. The entire cognitive apparatus in the brain falls silent, and remembering, associating, and even recognizing cease. One sees anew, and there is a restoration of innocence in the 'immaculate perception,' which is deeply regenerative to the brain and body.

In awareness, thought can become still, but not because of any effort to silence thought. Notice that any intention to still thought is a product of thought itself. The meditative state is not a goal to be achieved, but is simply the brain resting in an open and aware wholeness.

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